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1. Conservation Policy
  • We will respect all living  and the natural environment
  • We will never buy or sell endangered animals or plants or the products derived from them.
  • We will avoid disposable items and reuse whatever possible.
  • We will watch out vehicular emission, use public transport wherever possible.
  • We will say no to plastic bags and go for shopping with a cloth/jute bag.
  • We will stop if see anyone burning garbage and suggest the use of leaves for composting and mulching.
  • We will conserve water, energy and paper and make sure its proper use.
  • We will plant and nourish the trees wherever and whenever possible.
  • We will not litter of streets, gardens in the neighborhood and involve the neighbors for cleanliness drive as well as in the segregation of garbage for composting.
  • We will not pollute the environment so as to degrade the quality of air, soil or water.
  • We will follow Conservation Code and Say with Pride that “I am Environmentally Conscious”
2. Environmental Policy

Kasim Textile Mills(P) Ltd, manufacturer of Organic Grey Fabric , Commits to strive for sustainable development through continual improvement management system and legislation for a green, clean , safe and healthy environment with an active participation of all its stake holders.

  • Adopt Eco-Friendly practice in textile operation through optimal use and conservation of all resources.
  • Ensure implementation of environmental management practices through Air, Water, Land management and Green Belt development program.
  • Incessantly comply with all applicable statutory regulations and legislation.
  • Optimize procedures in line with Environmental Management System through periodic performance review.
  • Undertake an untiring effort to spread the environmental awareness among the stakeholders and the community at large.
3. No Discrimination Policy

Kasim Textiles Mills (P)Ltd. is the Organisation, where there is no practice of Discrimination is followed in Hiring, Compensation, Access of Trainig, Promotion, Termination or Retirement based on Race, Caste, National Origin, Religion, Age Disability, Gender, Marital Status, Sexual Oriantation, Union Membership or Political.

4. No Child Labour Policy
  • We at Kasim Textile Mills (P) Ltd., will never allow any child who has not completed the age of 14inside the factory premise for work.
  • We strongly encourage “No Child Labour” policy inside our campus.

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